Be A Responsible Employer For Your Maid – Workplace Safety

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March 20, 2023


Workplace Safety

Today, the majority of Singaporeans reside in tall structures. When working at a height, caution must be taken because there is a risk of falling.

Your maid may not be accustomed to living in a high-rise, which makes her less conscious of the dangers associated with working at a height. It is your duty as her employer to make sure she works safely.

Below shows the Dos and Don’ts when your maid is cleaning windows and hanging laundry:

Cleaning Windows – Dos

Cleaning Window - Dos

To clean window exterior (above ground level)

  • The employer or an adult representative must be present to supervise.
  • There must be windows grilles and they must be locked during cleaning.
  • Use cleaning tools with extended handles.

To clean window interior

  • Lock the window before cleaning interior.
  • Use cleaning tools with extended handles.

Cleaning Windows – Don’ts

Cleaning Window - Don'ts
  • Do not stand on chairs, stools or any raised platform.
  • Do not clean window exterior if window has no grilles.
  • Do not climb onto the ledge or lean out of window to clean window exterior.

Hanging Laundry – Dos

Hanging Laundry - Dos
  • Keep feet firmly on the floor. Do not tip toe.
  • Hang heavier clothes closer to the bracket and lighter clothes at the far end of the pole.
  • Hang only a few pieces of clothing on each pole. The pole should be light enough to control easily.

Hanging Laundry – Don’ts

Hanging Laundry - Don'ts
  • Do not stand on chairs, stools or any raised platform.
  • Do not lean too far out of the window to retrieve clothing from far end of the pole.
  • Do not overload clothes poles with too many clothes.


Source: MOM Website

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