Cancel A Work Permit For A Maid

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March 17, 2023

If your maid is no longer works for you or when her Work Permit expires, you must cancel her Work Permit. Once her Work Permit is cancelled, you must cut her Work Permit card in half and discard it to prevent misuse.

When to cancel the Work Permit Depending on which comes first, you must cancel the Work Permit:
Within one week after the last day of work.
1 day after the Work Permit expires.
Who can cancel Employer, sponsor or employment agent
How long it takes Cancellation is immediate
When levy stops One day before cancellation

If your maid has left Singapore and will not return to work for you, you must cancel her Work Permit within one week from her departure date.

Before cancelling

You must:

  1. Decide on the final day of work of your helper
  2. Deal with any unresolved job issues that your maid may bring up, including salary payment.
  3. Make sure your maid’s passport is valid.
  4. Purchase an air ticket and cover all connecting transportation expenditures to the international port of entry in your maid’s country/region nearest to her hometown:
  • You must pay at the full cost of the air ticket and it must include check-in luggage.
  • The departure date must be within 2 weeks from the cancellation.

Before purchasing an air ticket, you and your maid must discuss and agree on the following in writing:

  • Transit arrangement, such as connecting flights and layover hours
  • Allowance needed to sustain her during the transit

Please make sure your maid complies with any standards for boarding that the airline may have before booking the flight (such as the pre-departure Covid-19 test). If not, she might not be permitted to board.

How to cancel

If your maid is still in Singapore

  1. To cancel the Work Permit, log in to FDW eService.
  2. Give a printed copy of the Special Pass to your maid. It allows the maid to stay in Singapore before departing.
  3. Upon departure, the maid must present the Special Pass and a valid passport to the immigration officer.

You can apply for a short extension of your maid’s Work Permit if you need her to work only for a short period beyond the Work Permit expiry date.

You must make sure your maid leaves Singapore on time. The security bond will usually be discharged 1 week after your maid departs and other conditions are met.

If your maid has left Singapore

  1. To cancel the Work Permit, log in to FDW eService.
  2. Choose the cancellation reason “My helper or I wish to end this employment or she has gone home and will not be returning”.

The security bond will be discharged within 2 weeks after MOM has verified that the maid has left Singapore.

After Cancelling

You must not let your maid work once her Work Permit is cancelled, even while she is waiting to leave Singapore.

You will have to pay for her levy until 1 day before the cancellation.

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