Do You Really Need a Confinement Nanny?

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November 25, 2022



Giving birth is just a starting to a long journey of sacrifices, while confinement is the first step of the journey. There are so many things to learn during this challenging time while you also need to take good care of yourself and adjust to a new life. Most of the time, you will find it’s too much for you to handle on your own. Therefore, this is the time when you need a confinement nanny to assist you with your needs and take care of your health. The list below shows the duties of a confinement nanny which you could refer and see if she fits your requirements.

Duties of a Confinement Nanny

Day and Night Baby Care

After carrying your baby for almost ten months and giving birth, you should concentrate on your recuperation throughout confinement period. However, it might be difficult to obtain a decent night’s sleep or sufficient rest when you have a baby in tow, which may affect your recuperation. Therefore, you will need a confinement nanny to take care of your baby for you. A confinement nanny will assist you in feeding, changing diapers, cleaning, updating baby’s daily log and even night feeding. She will be taking on a large responsibility off your hands during your confinement period so that your body can recover and get back on your feet when she’s gone.

Confinement Diet

After giving birth, most of the mothers will start the journey of breastfeeding. Therefore, the mothers will need the best meals and nourishment, especially after an exhausting pregnancy and delivery. A confinement nanny will cook nutritious foods for you and clean the kitchen after meals.




Guidance on Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding is a whole new experience for a first-time mum and you many encounter difficulties along the journey. A confinement nanny can help you in breastfeeding by giving you guidance and help in nursing for your baby, as well as solving your confusion about the process.




Guidance on Infant Care

Inadequate knowledge on infant care can make the journey frightening. Even if you have the knowledge but lack of experience, it may not be any much easier. However, a confinement nanny can provide you with suggestions and information on infant care because they are professionally trained and usually have personal or professional experience.



Herbal Tonics for Confinement

The confinement period includes more than just nutritious food. If you have a Chinese background, you will be familiar with the miracles that herbs can do, and herbal tonics are fantastic for recuperation after giving birth. A confinement nanny would prepare and make herbal tonics and teas for you, such as red dates tea.



Confinement Bath

Herbs are not just beneficial to the inside of the body but they also work on the outside as well. A confinement nanny will use them for the mother’s confinement bath as they help to expel wind, improve blood circulation and reduce postpartum pain. She will prepare the nice and warm confinement bathing herbs, so all you have to do is get in and enjoy.


Laundry for Mother and Baby

A confinement nanny can wash, hang and fold the clothes for you and your baby, even though it is not her primary job. She can even hand wash your baby’s little clothes to prevent them from ruining in the wash and make sure that they are cleansed with the proper laundry detergents. After all, a baby’s skin is extremely delicate. You won’t have to lift a finger if your confinement nanny’s service includes laundry.


Domestic Chores

Lastly, if domestic chores service is included in the contract between you and your confinement nanny, you may require her to help you with some chores such as sweeping and mopping the floor. When you don’t have the time, mood or energy to do your housework, it can be a real pain. So, hiring a confinement nanny can make sure your house is always clean and tidy even if you are lack of the energy to do the housework.



If any of these apply to you, then you may require the service of a confinement nanny. Even if you’ve been through it before, you will still need all the help, or especially if it’s your first confinement. Help Is Here provides all of these and more. Make a reservation with one of our confinement nannies today!


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