Good Kitchen Habits Maids Must Learn

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February 21, 2023


Maid cooking

Being a successful cook involves more than simply learning a new Chinese recipe, it also involves keeping the kitchen clean and developing proper cooking practices. Maids who are learning new Chinese dishes are undoubtedly looking into methods to make cooking quicker and simper. Being hygienic in the kitchen involves more than just washing your hands, it also involves our habits when handling the ingredients.

It’s perhaps time for the live-in maid in Singapore to learn some cooking skills that will surely improve their ability to prepare meals more effectively.

Clean the kitchen area, prior to anything else

Cleaning kitchen

Prior to cooking, make the space as orderly as you can. Before cooking, the maid must wash the kitchen utensils in the sink, clean the counter, then lay the ingredients on it and remove as much clutter as possible. This will improve cooking efficiency and prevent food from becoming contaminated.

Utilize a garbage bowl

Garbage Bowl

It’s always enticing to peel an onion over the trash bin, but can you imagine how many germs are there? The maid must develop the practice of setting out a ‘garbage bowl’ where she can collect her scraps, peelings and garbage to clear the table from trash after peeling and cutting leaves. With the use of garbage bowl, it can save the maid from walking for trips to the trash bin as a garbage bowl can carried near her. Clutter on the cooking area can be avoided by using a garbage bowl from now on.

Practice ‘Wash as you go’ habit

Wash as you go

It is often tempting to leave the pan unwashed on the sink, especially when we need to eat quickly. Yet, leaving the dishes in water for long time promotes the growth of bacteria. This is why the maid needs to develop the practice of washing the kitchen tools every time after cooking meals. Although she may wipe the dishes dry in a short time, air drying is the best and cleanest way to dry them.

Keep a kitchen towel close

Kitchen towel

The maid must tuck a kitchen towel on her apron before she begins cooking so she can quickly use it to wipe her hands, dry the knife and touch hot pots. The live-in maid needs to prepare various towels for cooking raw meat and other ingredients as the towels are constantly in contact with wet and different surfaces. The kitchen towel is very useful throughout the entire process of cooking, cleaning and drying.

Read the recipe book before start cooking

Recipe book

Having recipe books make it easier for the maids to cook Chinese food as a beginner. The majority of us believe that we can cook on the spot without first reading the recipe book, but truly following the recipe steps can improve cooking skills. The maid must always set aside some time to read or even study it beforehand. She might forget to blanch this or that or leave out an ingredient. Reading the recipe book will help you to avoid culinary mishaps, save you time and reduce food waste.

Rest the spatula away from the pan


The maid should take the spatula out of the pot when it’s not in use. See how spoons and spatula tips always have chips or stains on them from burning on the pan. Let the spatula rest away from the stove in order to break this bad habit. In addition, leaving the spoon on the hot pan for a long period of time may cause the risk of an accident as someone can unintentionally snag on it. So when the maid is cooking next time, she can prepare an empty clean can or a tall mug to rest her spatula.


These practices are important to ensure that you and your family always have delicious and healthy food, but also to keep your kitchen a clean and safe place.

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