Offering The Best Of Both Worlds For New Parents

Our super-combi package provides an upskilled maid with a confinement nanny to tend to your every need at an affordable price. Find the perfect package to suit your budget and requirements.

We offer an upskilled helper to complement our confinement nanny services.

Help is Here is the first and only agency of its kind in Singapore created to solve the problem that postpartum care and help usually only last for a month.

During the initial weeks after childbirth, HIH offers an upskilled maid to compliment your existing confinement nanny. This allows the confinement nanny to focus on care for the baby and mother for a longer period, while the maid handles all chores, cooking, and infant-care. Our upskilled maid is not only infant-care trained, she is also trained to buy ingredients independently and able to cook our proprietary PLACORE™ menu which will ensure that you will have all the nutrients required for recovery and lactation in the months to come.

Greater flexibility, greater control

With an upskilled maid that can cook recovery and lactation meals, help out with infant care and do all the chores, you can customised the level of support you need from a confinement nanny to suit your lifestyle.

Taking care of you and your baby beyond the confinement period

We screen and vet all of our upskilled maids to ensure that they are the very best Singapore has to offer. We trained them to be able to assist you to take care of your baby even after the confinement period. Their knowledge in choosing ingredients and cooking recovery and lactation meals make them an indispensable part of your team in the many months after childbirth

Get the best of both worlds

HIH can provide you with an upskilled maid to compliment your confinement nanny and take care of all the chores, assist in infant-care, and cook recovery meals that will allow the confinement nanny to focus on what’s really important—the care of the baby and mother.

The Ultimate Mother & Baby Care Package



Min. 4 years of working experience in Singapore – Well-trained and independent in marketing and good in cooking


Get access to our proprietary PLACORE menu prepared by helper that is specially planned for confinement, boost lactation and aid recovery

Trained in infant care & able to assist to take care of mummy and infant
Take care of whole family by preparing meals for everyone and performing standard household chores.



Assist new parents with neonatal service


Provide assurance and professional advice, as well as tips on baby care


Professionally trained and applies a modern teaching approach in baby care, baby hygiene and baby safety SOP


Prepare confinement herbal tonics and bathing herbs for mummy to wash up


PRO-BREASTFEEDING – Provide guidance & lactation tips

Incredibly grateful that we had the nanny, Lena, from Help Is Here to guide and support us through our first month with our baby. She prepared healthy and scrumptious meals for us daily, was experienced and delivered well in all areas of care for the baby and took good care of me in my recovery process. We appreciate the fact that she was always fast to react to baby’s cries, really great at comprehending baby’s needs and able to make baby feel comfy very quickly. She also readily shares all her knowledge and guides us so that we can take over in caring for baby once she leaves.

Geraldine Teo

We have a nanny for all your needs.
Most of our nannies are ready to start work in less than a week’s time.
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