How To Reduce Procrastination Issues of Your Maid

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February 21, 2023


Is your maid easily sidetracked and unable to complete one duty in the allotted time? Is she delaying the task that is listed on her schedule for today? Is she engaging in petty activities instead of doing housework? The maid can be labeled as a procrastinator if the employer observes these symptoms in her.

The time the maids spent inside the house is equivalent to the money the employers lost. In this article, we provide you the tips to help you ensuring your maid completing their tasks promptly and in the right order.

Use the 2-minute rule

According to David Allen’s book of “Getting Things Done”, several small tasks can be completed within 2 minutes. These tasks include washing the kid’s plate after dining, taking out the trash, putting the keys back in the drawer or putting the laundry in the basket.

If these jobs are quick and easy, the maid can begin the household chores with the smallest ones. For employers, consider adding small important chores into the maid’s morning schedule, like taking out the trash, restocking the pantry with food and condiments, and noting what’s missing from the fridge.

Your maid can perform bigger tasks later on if she consistently follows the 2-minute rule.

Subdivide large jobs into smaller ones

When there are large jobs like general cleaning, house painting or yard landscaping ahead, this method is typically effective. Sometimes it feels too overwhelming to even think about it. We can urge the maid to start the huge task day by day, little by little.

For instance, it takes a lot of time and work to landscape the yard in a single day. The maid can divide the project into chunks for every day and it should be done within a few weeks.

Start with something you like

Laundry may not be as enjoyable as cooking for some maids. The maid can begin the day by preparing the day by cooking breakfast before doing other chores. When we enjoy what we do, things are done easily! And if we give our all to a task, we’ll do the same for the following one. All the maid has to do is keep going.

Remain on schedule and utilize timers

The morning isn’t the only time for alarms! Alarms can be used by the maid to her know when a task’s time is up and make her work harder to complete.

Planning and schedules don’t allow procrastination. To avoid that, she must adhere to the time that has been fixed for certain task. To avoid exhausting her, there should be brief rests after some difficult chores.


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