How to Renew Work Permit for the Maid in Singapore

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November 18, 2022


Sometimes, it takes a little bit of luck to locate the ideal maid for your family. So, when employers found a maid of the perfect match, they would like to keep the maid on for as long as possible.

As an employer, you must always keep track of your maid’s Work Permit (WP) and passport expiry date to avoid any legal consequences, regardless of your reason or decision to renew your maid’s contract.

In fact, “How long is a maid allowed to stay after their Work Permit expires?” is one of the often asked questions regarding Work Permit expiration. A maid’s WP must be renewed or cancelled right away once it expires every two years.

We have outlined the vital info, including the prices, to help you to understand the WP renewal procedure better.

Work Permit (WP) Renewal Process for Maid

Every two years, a maid’s WP must be renewed by the employer, otherwise they will bear the risk of levy penalties and overstaying fines. The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) usually will send the employer a letter of renewal about eight weeks before the WP expired. You can renew the WP online after receiving the letter of renewal. You can also ask for an extension if you cannot renew the WP on time. You must renew the WP for your maid before she departs Singapore if she is travelling before the expiry date.

You must apply insurance package for your maid, including Medical Insurance, Personal Accident Insurance (PAI) and security bond before the renewal of your maid’s Work Permit.

Steps to renew a Work Permit for a Maid

Before renewing the WP, you need to prepare the documents and information as below:

  •  Medical Insurance with minimum coverage of $15,000 per year
  •  Personal Accident Insurance with minimum coverage of $60,000 per year
  •  A security bond worth $5,000 for non-Malaysian maid
  •  A valid Master Card, VISA or direct debit card to pay $35 for online renewal fees
  •  A valid and updated passport of your maid (Scan the page with personal details including any amendments)
  •  The names and mobile numbers of at least 3 authorised recipients for a secure card delivery of the maid’s new WP

Process of renewing maid’s Work Permit

Step 1: Purchase a new maid insurance with a coverage of medical plan and personal accident plan that meet the minimum requirements of MOM. The issuance date of the insurance must match the date of the WP. Make sure every detail you put in is accurate so that the needed information for security bond can be issued smoothly.

Step 2: A security bond of $5,000 must be purchased for non-Malaysian maids. It can be bought together with the insurance and the insurer will send the details to MOM. Before renewal of WP, keep a scanned copy of the Security Bond Transmission Number as legitimacy guarantee.

Step 3: Make a new employment contract. You can make any adjustment to your employment contract if there is a need. Both parties must agree on the specifics of the contract. It will also enhance the communication and understanding between the maid and the employer.

Step 4: Verify that all required information and documents are accurate. Make sure that none of the documents, especially her passport, are about to expire before proceed with the renewal. The employer should take the maid to the embassy to renew their passport if it is going to expired in a few months.

Step 5: Submit all the documents and application forms to MOM online and pay $35 of renewal fee with a Master Card, debit card or VISA.

What to Do after the Renewal of Work Permit?

Print the Temporary Work Permit (TWP) given by MOM after the Work Permit has been renewed. The old card must be returned according to the instructions in the notification letter. Your maid may continue to use the existing card if it’s indicated in the TWP. You would be charged $60 to replace the card if you returned it when you do not need to.

The procedure for renewing your maid’s WP can be complicated and time-consuming. Leave the paperwork to a professional and trustworthy employment agency. To avoid any additional fees, renew your maid’s WP weeks before it expires. If your maid is returning to her hometown, make sure her passport is still valid and renew her WP before she departs so that she will have a smooth entry to Singapore when she is back.

Transfer Maid to Another Employer

However, if you decide to end the contract with your maid instead and transfer her to another employer, these are the procedures that you’ll need to do:

  1. Send your maid to her 6-monthly ME.
  2. Sign the IPA letter given to you by the new employer or agency or give transfer consent online upon confirmation of transfer.
  3. You’ll still need to pay your maid’s levy even after sending her back to agency until she’s transferred to her new employer.
  4. Once the maid’s new WP is issued, her current one will be cancelled immediately by MOM.
  5. Within a week of the transfer, the maid’s WP card must be returned.


It could be less expensive to renew a maid’s work permit yourself in Singapore than hiring an employment agency to do it for you. However, the process could be a hassle as it requires a lot of documentation. It is advisable to hire the agency to renew your maid’s WP. We will handle all the conditions related to WP renewal and save you from the trouble. Contact us for more info.

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