Part-time Maids V.S. Full-time Maids in Singapore

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November 16, 2022


People in Singapore are busier than ever at work, so having someone dependable to help with housework, take care of kids and elderly parents can provide them a much needed break. Therefore, there has been a rise in the need of maid services in Singapore throughout the time. The choice between a full-time maid or a part-time maid is depending on your requirement. In this article, the pros and cons of hiring a part-time maid and a full-time maid are listed out.

Pros of Hiring Part-time Maids


Regardless how efficient you are at doing house chores, there may be times when you need some extra help with cleaning. You can hire a part-time maid only when you need one such as clean-up after a party. Plan your tasks for your part-time maids accordingly as they are paid by the hour.



If you are a person who value privacy very much, hiring a part-time maid would be your best choice. Part-maids are only visiting your house during booked appointments. They are not staying together with you. It’s indeed a plus point for introverts too!

Cons of Hiring Part-time Maids


Sometimes, part-time maids may be unable to work for you because they have a schedule and are not solely yours. During the holiday season, when there is a greater need for part-time maid, this could become a problem. So, make an early reservation to ensure that there are cleaning services available at your desired time.



The part-time maids that you hire to clean your house might be different each time unless you ask for someone specifically or employ her through your own contact. In this case, it means that you have to brief every maid your set of requirements at each and every cleaning service.



It’s possible that you won’t always get the same maid when you hire one from a cleaning company. Even though every maid receives training from the company, they still might have their own skills and shortcomings. Therefore, you may discover that one maid suited you better than the other.

Pros of Hiring Full-time Maids


When you’re busy working, there is nothing better than having someone to rely on. You may count on your full-time maid to help you out with housework or take care of your family members as she lives with you and works for you.



After living in your house for a period of time, your full-time maid will probably be used to the routine housework and may work independently. You should establish a positive relationship with your maid to ensure she can accomplish her duties correctly.


Wider Job Scope

A full-time maid is always ready for a home cleaning service as she is residing in your home. There are 255,000 maids in Singapore, so employers can choose the maids that are ideal for their needs easily. When you leave your home for work, a full-time maid can help you out with the housework. Therefore, you must make sure that she is trustworthy before hiring her, especially when there’s no one monitoring her.

Cons of Hiring Full-time Maids

Issues between Employer and Maid

There may be some cultural differences between employers and maids since full-time maids are mostly from foreign countries. Additionally, some of the foreign maids might not speak English well and this could make it difficult for you to communicate with them. Before they move in with you, it’s better for you to study their culture and give them instructions as straightforward as possible. They will be driven to give you their best when you make an effort to understand them.


Need to Provide Extra Room

As an employer, you must prepare a living space for your maid in your house to keep her belongings and to rest after a long day of work throughout the period of her contract. You must do your best to take care of her physical and emotional health as she’ll be helping you out with all the housework, taking care of your children and elderly parents.


Higher Costs

The cost of hiring a full-time maid in Singapore for sure will be higher than hiring a part-time maid. You will need to pay for their basic necessities, bring them for medical check-up every six months, cover their travel costs, including a return ticket when she takes a vacation and also a maid insurance.


While having extra help around the house can be more convenient, it also involves more responsibilities. Therefore, before deciding to hire a part-time maid or full-time maid, take your time to consider your needs and evaluate the pros and cons.

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