Should You Get a Part-time or a Full-time Maid?

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November 22, 2022


For expectant mothers, finding someone to keep your home tidy and clean is necessary in addition to hiring a confinement nanny. To keep your home clean, should you hire a part-time or a full-time maid? Let’s find out which would fit your needs the best.

You Should Get a Part Time Maid if…

You have a Confinement Nanny

While your confinement nanny will assist you with basic home tasks, you are advised to hire a part-time maid so that your confinement nanny may concentrate on caring for your baby and supporting you as you adjust to motherhood. Consider it this way – the fewer domestic duties your confinement nanny performs, the more she will be able to share to you her experience of breastfeeding and infant care. Your confinement nanny should pay attention on you and your baby rather than worrying about housework. All domestic duties such as cleaning the kitchen after your confinement nanny makes the confinement food, should be left to the part-time maid. You may maximize the benefits of your confinement nanny service in this way.

You are on a Tight Budget

It could be wise to reduce certain non-essential costs in the current economic climate, such as the cost of hiring a full-time maid. Not everyone can hire a full-time maid and confinement nanny at the same time.

Hiring a part-time maid from a trustworthy platform would certainly be less expensive than hiring a full-time maid. To give you a ballpark idea, a part-time maid would cost you roughly $250 per month for a weekly 3-hour cleaning session. The expense of a full-time maid, though, would be around $800 per month. In addition, there’s a $300 monthly levy and all other living expenses including food and transportation. A reasonable assumption of the overall expenses could be $1,500 per month to hire a full-time maid.

A full-time maid might cost up to 6 times as much as a part-time maid. The $1,250 in monthly savings grows to $15,000 over the course of a year. A part-time maid is far more cost effective, unless you really need an assistance for full-time.

You Desire a Flexible, Personalized and Hassle-Free Home Cleaning Experience

Full-time maids with higher levels of commitment can have benefits and drawbacks. It would be challenging to change a maid once a contract is signed with an employment agency, particularly with the small pool of direct transfer maids in Singapore due to the current travel restrictions. You can be responsible for some financial costs for early termination of the maid’s employment contract if you wish to change from a full-time maid to a part-time cleaning service.

Part-time maids, on the other hand, basically require little to no commitment. If you’re not satisfied with the service of the maid from a reliable platform, you can easily request to change maid at no additional expense. You can suspend the cleaning service for a period of time if you wish to; all you need to do is notify the platform in advance. Given that your confinement nanny will interact with the maid on some level, it’s also important to consider if they can get along with each other. Both of them were hired to ease your motherhood journey, therefore it would be pointless if they did not get along. While switching maids frequently can be difficult, you have the option to do so via a cleaning service platform until you discover someone you get along with.

You Should Get a Full-Time Maid if…

You are Willing to Pay a Premium for 24/7 Household Help

If you need someone to be always available and capable to handle a variety of activities, such as caring for children and elderly, cooking and running errands, a full-time maid may be worth the steep price tag. This is in addition to have a confinement nanny who will be devoted to take care of your infant. For multi-generation families, hiring a full-time maid will be more appropriate as there are volume of housekeeping and care-giving duties require assistance with. Remember that full-time maids are entitled to vacation days, you may need to find a substitute when your full-time maid is sick or on their off-day.

You Have a High Volume of Household Tasks

A full-time maid may be more cost-effective if you need someone to perform housework every day. For example, your house is a large, multi-roomed landed property. Therefore, having a full-time maid may be beneficial for you because she will have areas of the house to clean every day. However, hiring a cleaning service on demand is still a better option if you feel uneasy with a stranger staying in your house. Finally, you must determine if a full-time or a part-time maid suits you the best after consideration of all the factors above.


We hope that this post will be helpful to you as you choose between hiring a part-time or full-time maid. If you’re still undecided between these options, we advise testing out the less expensive cost option of the part-time cleaner to see if it fits your needs as a new mother. Once your confinement nanny’s contract ended, you may always hire a full-time maid. Help is Here could help you to find a full-time maid that suits your needs and requirements. Contact us for more info.

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