Six-Monthly Medical Examination (6ME) For Maids In Singapore

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March 23, 2023

During your maid’s employment, you must send her for a medical examination every 6 months. This medical examination screens for pregnancy and infectious diseases such as syphilis, HIV and tuberculosis.


The 6ME test results must be certified by a Singapore-registered doctor. You must pay for the 6ME and any medical expenses arising from it.


Tests conducted during 6ME

Our 6ME letters will state the tests your helper needs to do.

  • Pregnancy and VDRL – every 6 months
  • HIV – every 2 years
  • TB – Once, upon 2 years of stay in Singapore
  • Checks on Body Mass Index (BMI) and visible signs of abuse
Which 6ME results must be submitted to MOM? All 6ME results must be submitted to MOM. This is regardless of the tests maids need to take.
Who can submit 6ME results?

All results must be submitted by clinics.

Employers can use MOM FDW eService to check if clinics have submitted their helpers’ results and view the results.

Where can 6ME be conducted?

All 6MEs must be conducted in clinics.

Employers or their representatives should not be present during the examination.

Source : MOM Website

When to send your maid for 6ME

You will receive a notification letter and 6ME form by post when your maid’s 6ME is due. She must complete her 6ME by the due date.

You can also log in to MOM FDW eService to check her previous 6ME date. You can then know when her next one is due, and also reprint the 6ME form.

If your maid is 50 years old or above

If your maid is 50 years old or above, she doesn’t need to go for 6ME.

She only needs to go for a medical examination upon renewal of her Work Permit.

If your maid is on overseas leave

If your helper is due for her 6ME while she is overseas for her home leave, you can request to defer it until she returns.

If your maid’s employment is ending soon

If you are sending your maid home within 1 month from her 6ME due date, you can choose not to send her for the 6ME.

When to apply for waiver

If you intend to keep her for more than 1 month from her 6ME due date, you need to apply for a waiver.

If your maid fails the 6ME

If your maid did not pass her 6ME, you must cancel her Work Permit and send her home immediately.

What if my maid misses her 6ME?

If you fail to send your maid for her checkup on time, her Work Permit will be revoked.

If you wish to continue hiring the maid, you can quickly inform MOM by:

Otherwise, please arrange to send her home immediately. An overstaying fine may be charged.

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