The Process Of Hiring A Maid In Singapore

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March 22, 2023

Below are the options of maid that you can hire in Singapore:

  • A maid who has not worked in Singapore before
  • A maid who had worked in Singapore before but is overseas currently
  • A maid who is currently working in Singapore and is allowed to transfer by current employer

Below shows what happens in each situation:

Before you apply

  • The maid must be at least 23 years old and have at least eight years of formal education.
  • If you have not hired a maid before, you will need to attend the Employers’ Orientation Programme (EOP). The EOP can be done online or through a classroom setting. For more information on the classes available, you may visit the link:

Applying for a maid

For first-time and returning maids

  • You must submit a work permit application.

For transfer maids

  • You must submit a work permit application together with written consent from the maid’s current employer to transfer her to you as the new employer.

Getting ready

For first-time and returning maids

  • You will receive an In-Principle Approval* from MOM that allows you to bring the maid into Singapore.
  • Apply for issuance of Work Permit.

For transfer maids

  • Both you and the maid’s previous employer will receive the In-Principle Approval* from MOM which states the transfer date.
  • Apply for issuance of Work Permit.

In all cases, you must get the following:

  1. $5,000 security bond
  2. Personal Accident Insurance, and
  3. Medical Insurance for your maid.

You can buy these as a package from an insurance company or bank.

You are strongly advised to take into account purchasing more insurance coverage for the necessities of your maid’s hospitalization. This might assist you in paying unexpected medical expenses that exceed the limits of your insurance policy. Ask your EA about the details of the basic insurance plan they provide and the upgrade possibilities.

*The In-Principle Approval (IPA) is a component of the Ministry’s pre-departure outreach to inform maids about their employment rights and obligations. The letter will be provided in both their native tongue and English to ensure that they comprehend the contents. The IPA must be sent to the maid in advance of her arrival in Singapore as she will need to present it upon arrival. Before the maid leaves her home country, you or your EA must make sure that the IPA letter is delivered to her.

Final preparations

For first-time and returning maids

  • You must send the maid for
    i) Settling-In Programme within the first 3 working days of her arrival** (only applicable for first-time maids)
    ii) Medical Examination within 14 calendar days upon arrival. You can request and pay for additional checks if you feel that the checks covered by the mandatory medical examination are insufficient.
  • Request for issuance of Work Permit from MOM via the FDW e-Services
  • Make an appointment for the maid to report to MOM Services Centre – Hall C where her photo and fingerprints will be taken for card registration.
  • The Work Permit will be delivered within 4 working days of successful card registration.
    **Excluding the day of maid’s arrival in Singapore. Working days include Mondays to Saturdays, excluding Sundays and Public holidays.

For transfer maids

  • You should ensure that the maid’s current employer has sent her for her 6-months medical examination (6ME).
  • Request for issuance of Work Permit from MOM via FDW eServices
  • The Work Permit will be delivered to you within 4 working days.
  • Your maid can only start working for you after the new Work Permit has been issued in you name.

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