Things That The Employer Wants The Maid To Know

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February 21, 2023


Every family that hires a maid has its own set of guidelines. Some employers dislike it when their maids use handphones, have off days, or have curfews imposed to restrict their social activities. We are aware that the purpose of these rules is to protect the family’s and the maid’s welfare.

Some general guidelines are highlighted in this post as a reminder to the maids working in Singapore. The following are a few things that employers wish to convey to their maids:

If you make a mistake, please tell us right away.

While cleaning, your maid could accidentally shatter your beloved porcelain or leave your belongings in the pocket and toss into the washing machine. While mistakes are unavoidable, the maid who makes one must inform her employer right away. Nobody would like to lose their stuff or have them damaged without their knowledge.

Always emphasize this quote to your maid to make sure she is conscious of how she handles the household chores. Tell your maid to inform you right away if anything happens!

Let us know if there are a lot of things to do so we can figure something out for you.

The employer sometimes has to rely on the maid’s time management skills because the chore lists might be extremely daunting. The maid must inform the employer of her struggles when she is no longer able to properly care for the kids due to an excessive workload.

Neither the employer nor the maid should handle the household matters alone. Both parties must work hard to resolve the issues. Maids should constantly keep in mind that speaking the truth to their employer is always preferable to going it alone.

Never evaluate yourself against other maids.

Knowing that their maid is socializing with other maids can be problematic, according to some employers. They don’t want comparisons to be made between maids, which is one of the reasons. The strictness and tolerance of the employers vary, so do the restrictions for the maids. One employer may allow the maid to use her handphone while others don’t. the restrictions of off days might be different for other helpers too.

Some employers won’t let their maids to have their handphones or have off days every week because they can’t afford to endanger their baby’s safety.

Comparing with other maids frequently results in miscommunication and a lot of requests from the maid.

Try to remember all the things we taught you.

Employer may find it challenging to train a maid. So, the maid must pay close attention and remember all of the employer’s instructions when she has the employer’s time to teach them. The cooking lessons and trainings the maids received from their employer must be utilized to their full potential. Time spent studying is time spent remembering!

Let us know if you’re unclear or unsure on what to do.

When orders are given by two or more family members, confusion begins. The employer instructed the maid to clean in this way, but Ah Ma prefers to it differently. Whenever a maid feels that the instructions are unclear, it is necessary to let the employer know. Moreover, misunderstandings between two people who speaks different languages might occur with ease.

There are other pertinent circumstances that demand the employer’s attention. She needs to inform the employer right away if the youngster is ill or if a visitor has arrived.

Please let us know if you go out on your off day.

At home, even family members practice this! When a maid plans to take a day off, they should let her employer know in advance. This is also for the maid’s personal safety.

When going out, a maid should also dress appropriately and decently. She must avoid wearing low cut shirts and shorts indoors and outdoors. She needs to avoid talking to men as much as she can! When she begins dating guys while working as a maid, distractions and issues arise.

Children are prioritized over other tasks.

The focus of the household is still on the family. Most employers ask their maids to keep a tight eye on their kids as they play indoors or at the playground. Employers cannot allow cooking, cleaning or other tasks to prevent the maid to take care of the kids as accidents may happen anytime.

Astute maids know the greatest time to complete tasks is when the children are asleep or at school. It’s also imperative to follow rules like holding your child’s hand when crossing the street and informing the employer if the child has to be disciplined.


With the tips mentioned above, we wish you and your maid a pleasant working relationship.


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