Understanding Your Obligations As An Employer And Responsibilities Of Your EA

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March 23, 2023

Your obligations as maid employer under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act (EFMA)


  • Purchase Personal Accident Insurance with coverage of at least $60,000.
  • Purchase and maintain medical insurance with coverage of at least $15,000

During Employment

  • Ensure payment of your maid’s salary not later than 7 days after the end of each salary period.
  • Pay your maid’s salary in cash or through direct transfer into her bank account if she requests.
  • Keep a record of the monthly salary payment.
  • Pay the costs of her upkeep and maintenance, such as provision of food and medical treatment.
  • Provide adequate accommodation and safe working conditions.
  • Grant her adequate rest daily.
  • Do not retain your maid’s original work permit.
  • Provide a weekly rest day or compensation in lieu.
  • Send her for the pre-employment and six-monthly medical examinations, and pay the related medical costs.
  • Make sure that your maid only works in your house.
  • If your maid goes missing, report to Controller within 7 days.


  • Make sure all outstanding monies owed have been paid before sending her back.
  • Give her reasonable notice before sending her back.
  • Pay for the cost of sending her back.

Your EA’s responsibilities

  • Provide your maid’s full biodata in the standard format and her employment history in Singapore to employer before hiring the maid.
  • Make sure your maid meets the minimum entry criteria of being at least 23 years old and having 8 years of formal education.
  • Make sure she received the IPA before departure to Singapore.
  • Facilitate the signing of the safety agreement.
  • In the case of transfer maids, EAs should inform you of your continued legal responsibility towards your maid until she obtains a new work pass.
    • If your maid still has yet to obtain a new work pass after 21 days, your EA must inform you within 7 days, of your right to cancel your maid’s WP and have her repatriated.

Terms and conditions in the service agreement between you and your EA

  • Validity period of the service agreement.
  • Breakdown of costs involved in hiring your maid.
  • Fee refunds and the timeframe within which you can expect that refund.
  • Replacement conditions, the timeframe within which the replacement should be made and the recourse available to you, should your EA fail to provide a replacement.
  • Avenues available for dispute resolution.

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