Ways to be a Better Employer to Your Maid in Singapore

This article will highlight the key points that you should keep in mind on how to be a better employer to your maid.

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November 11, 2022


Better Relationship between Employer and Helpers

A difficult year is behind us and a new, hopeful one lies ahead. There has never been a better time to take action toward improving your relationship with your maid than now, especially if you plan to onboard one this year. Starting off on the right foot with your maid is essential to integrate her into your home and developing a positive working relationship, whether you are hiring a maid for the first time or renewing your employment contract with a reliable one. Here are three simple and practicable methods to be a better employer and strengthen your bond with your maid to get you started.

Get Everything Ready for Her Arrival

It might be intimidating to go through the hiring process, especially in this Covid-19 era. Making a budget, doing you research and getting ready for her needs in advance is the best approach to ensure a smooth transition and enjoyable experience moving forward. When creating a budget, you should plan to set aside an average of S$1,434 for one-time charges and then S$12,000 per year after that. By keeping this in mind, you may be certain that you are ready financially before hiring a maid.

In order to plan for your maid’s arrival without a hitch, you’ll also need to be well-informed on the timelines and requirements for employing your maid. For example, the processing period for a work permit application is one week and the In-Principle Approval letter takes another three weeks to process. You’ll also need to prepare for any unforeseen delays or unanticipated events.

One-Time Fees Average Cost
Maid Agency Fee S$1,100
Work Permit Application S$35
Work Permit S$35
Settling-In Programme S$75
Employers’ Orientation Programme S$35
Initial Medical Examination S$80
Inoculation (optional) S$74
Total S$1,434

Last but not least, make sure your maid has everything she needs for a comfortable stay before she really arrives. Prepare any cleaning materials she might require, information on her responsibilities and some home comforts like a welcome basket or extra towels. With all of these aspects taken into account, you’ll be able to make sure that your maid is fully prepared, safe and well taken care of when she arrives in Singapore and settles into your home.

Set Clear Expectations

Setting clear expectations for your maid as soon as she settles in is one of the best ways to be a better employer. You can begin by outlining in detail the responsibilities she will be expected to carry out, her schedule (including lunch times and rest days), compensation and benefits, use of her mobile phone and what to do in emergency. You may write or print a copy of these guidelines to serve as a reminder for your maid and for her to ask any questions she may have.

Asking your maid questions about how she perceives the role will be another helpful tip. She could be reluctant to ask questions at first due to language barrier or for other reasons. Being proactive might help avoiding any snags and misunderstandings.

Empower Her and Show Your Gratitude

After your maid has settled in, it’s crucial to keep developing a great relationship with her. Empowerment is a fantastic strategy for doing this. Giving your maid new responsibilities in areas where she excels is one of the ways to empower her (just be careful not to overload her). Another method to empower your maid is to make sure she has adequate insurance coverage. She will be able to do her job with confidence knowing that you have her back.

Finally, you can empower your maid by merely thanking her for doing her job well. This can be as easy as inviting her to join you for dinner at certain family gatherings, giving her gifts on special occasions like her birthday and complimenting her. Giving your maid even a tiny sign of appreciation verbally or in material will help you to get along with her better by showing your gratitude for the work she does.

Slight Changes Can Lead to Great Improvements

While the aforementioned tips may not sound particularly extreme, even little things like getting ready for your maid’s arrival or giving her constructive comment for her performance can make you a better employer. By doing this, you may also encourage more productivity, improve the quality of your maid’s life and establish a working relationship that is geared toward success over the long run.


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