What Can A Confinement Nanny Do For A New Mum?

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February 7, 2023


Confinement Nanny

There are many benefits to hire a confinement nanny. Just think about the next situation. In certain cases, you’re returning with your newborn after giving birth just a day or two prior.

If you have to balance taking care of your newborn while also taking care of yourself, how much rest and healing will you actually get?

Sure, you have your family and your sweet husband, but what if they’re all busy? A confinement lady then joins the scene.

Here are some benefits of hiring a confinement nanny without further ado:

Advantages of Hiring a Confinement Nanny


Why do you need a confinement nanny?

This section begins with a return to the fundamentals, wondering why we even need a confinement nanny in the first place.

All elements of a newborn’s life demand intensive care and attention. For instance, it might be difficult to get a good night’s sleep because babies’ sleeping patterns can be unpredictable and erratic.

You will therefore require assistance with taking care of your baby. Being a first-time mother can be a stressful experience, which is bad for recuperating. In fact, it might make postpartum depression more likely to strike.

Confinement nanny helps to take care of your newborn

One of the main duties of a confinement nanny is to help you to take care of your newborn while you recover. As was already mentioned, some mothers are new to motherhood and might not know how to take care of their baby appropriately.

This is not intended as a jab at new mothers; after all, taking care of a newborn comes with a lot of duties. Not to add that each baby is unique.

Let’s use crying as an example to explain what we mean. Many new or first-time mothers, due to lack of experience, may find it difficult to correctly identify their baby’s crying cues and determine whether their baby is hungry or unwell. A confinement nanny who is trained professionally has the experience to read the baby’s body language for any indications of discomforts and guide the mother to soothe the baby.

Confinement nanny takes care of the mother too

Besides of taking care baby, confinement nanny also takes care of the mother. While you’re recuperating, a skilled confinement nanny may even help you to get ready for motherhood if you want her to demonstrate how to properly change your baby, feed them and so on.

If you can take advantage on them, confinement nanny will not only help you during your confinement but the lessons you learn from them will last you a lifetime.

Confinement nanny can support the mother emotionally

This brings up the topi of not knowing what to do again. Let’s face it: even in the best of circumstances, taking care of and being accountable for another person’s life is daunting. Imagine doing so while having doubts about whether what you’re doing is appropriate. That’s much scarier now.

A confinement nanny would be skilled in newborn care. That’s really the most crucial part of their job.

You can take a break and heal, but you still need to learn how to take care of your baby. You will receive the emotional support and help you need from the confinement nanny, which you can use to get ready for the transition after your confinement.

Confinement nanny can assist with household tasks

You will save money on the costs of caring for you and your family members, which is one of the advantages of hiring a confinement nanny.

In our previous article on “Do You Really Need A Confinement Nanny?”, we mentioned about the duties of a confinement nanny. These services are typically only accessible to mummies. What about the dad? What about the rest of your children if you have any? There is an additional cost to consider.

It will be less expensive than hiring an additional set of hands just to prepare meals for your family, especially if you ask your confinement nanny in advance if she is willing to cook for the entire family rather than just for you. However, you must first talk to your confinement nanny about it and provide the ingredients for her to cook for you and your family.


We hope this article helps you to understand how a confinement nanny can lighten your burden and make your transition into motherhood much simpler. Contact us if you have any enquiry.

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