Five Ways to Put Your Baby to Sleep

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January 17, 2023


Sleeping Baby

There may be times when your baby seems to be awake all the time and you are unable to get adequate rest. You made numerous attempts to lull your baby to sleep, but in vain. Some parents having trouble falling asleep because their babies are not drowsy at all. Here are five ways you can do to put your baby to sleep.

How to put your baby to sleep?

Turn off the lights

The most basic action you may take when taking care of your baby. According to a study, it stated that light exposure before or during bedtime can make it difficult to get to sleep or remain sleeping. This is a result of your baby’s brain not producing enough sleep-inducing melatonin. Additionally, even if your baby can fall asleep with the lights on, it can result in poor quality sleep or frequent awakenings.

Play calming or soothing music

If the first way didn’t work out as you had hoped, you may try playing soothing or calm music to put your baby to sleep. Studies have shown that music, whether it is classical music or nursery rhymes, can help to keep the mind relaxed by soothing parts of the autonomic nervous system. This prepares your baby for a peaceful sleeping time by causing the breath to slow down, lowering the heart rate and blood pressure.

Give the baby a soothing bath

After a long, arduous day at work, nothing compares to a long shower. Your baby also feels a lot of relaxation from it, just like it does for you! Due to their high levels of activity, babies typically feel quite weary very quickly. You can give them limbs and back massages as well. Your baby will undoubtedly enjoy the little pampering sessions while taking bath and sleep well at night.

Read a bedtime story to your baby

If your child has trouble falling asleep at night, you may want to make it a habit of reading bedtime stories to them. It helps the child to unwind and block out the constant external distractions. The gradually causes them to become exhausted, which helps them to sleep better. Additionally, this habit would improve parent-child relationship and bring you and your child closer together.

Sing a lullaby to them

Sometimes, your own voice can help your child to sleep better. The best way for them to fall asleep is being cradled by their mother’s voice. The become calmer and more relaxed, which stimulates the brain to release melatonin more quickly and your baby is dozing off soundly.


While it’s crucial for your baby to get enough sleep, it’s equally important for you to get enough rest and maintain your health. Your family and your baby need you so much so you have to be at your best. Hire a confinement nanny from us and give yourself and your baby the best care during confinement period.

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