Security Bond Requirements For Maids

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April 18, 2023

You must buy a security bond for your maid, unless she is a Malaysian. You can buy the bond at any bank or insurance company.

What is a security bond

A security bond is binding pledge to compensate the government in the event that you or your helper violates Work Permit Conditions or the law. A banker’s or insurer’s guarantee serves as the bond.

You must buy a $5,000 security bond for each helper you hire, unless she is a Malaysian. You are not allowed to ask your maid to pay for the bond.

When to buy the bond

Before your maid arrives in Singapore, you must:

  1. Purchase a security bond, medical and personal accident insurance for her. You can buy them as a package or separately.
  2. Get your insurer to send the security bond details to MOM. It takes up to 3 working days.
  3. Ensure the security bond takes effect when she arrives. You can check the security bond status.
  4. Log in to WP online to print the security bind acknowledgement letter. Send a copy of the letter to your maid.

If you do not complete the steps above, your maid will be refused to enter Singapore and you will have to pay to send her home immediately.

When the bond will be discharged

You will be discharged from the security bond liability only if you meet all of these conditions:

  • You have cancelled the Work Permit.
  • The maid has returned home.
  • You did not breach any of the security bond conditions.

If all conditions are met, the security bond will usually be discharged one week after your maid has left Singapore.

You’ll be notified by post when the security bond is discharged.

When the bond will be forfeited

Your security bond may be forfeited if any of these happens:

  • You or your maid violates any of the Work Permit or security bond conditions.
  • You don’t pay your maid’s salary on time.
  • You fail to send your maid home when her Work Permit is expired, revoked or cancelled.
  • Your maid goes missing.

You will not be liable for your maid’s violations (such as those relating to pregnancy) if you can prove that you have:

  • Informed her of the Work Permit conditions she must comply with.
  • Reported a violation when you first become aware of it.

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