How Can Maids Deal With Picky Eaters

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February 21, 2023


Picky Eater

It’s time to eat! For the young kid of age 2, the maid prepared a nutritious and delectable lunch. The young child rises from his chair, casts a critical glance at the maid and stares down at his breakfast bowl. He shakes his head and then resumes his game.

There’s no need for the live-in maid to panic! It’s common for children to be picky eaters, especially toddlers. They will eventually make decisions about how much to eat and what not to eat as they grow and become independent.

Learn how to deal with picky eaters from the following tips.

Avoid making eating seem like an obligation

Sure, kids need to consume meals with vitamins and minerals, but maids need to watch out for making it sound like something the kids have to do. In addition to the fact that they still do not understand what a healthy diet entails, the maid must instead create a joyful environment. This creates a positive atmosphere and makes eating time sound inspiring and enjoyable.

Dine together as often as you can

Youngsters cherish the times spent engaging in a single activity as a family. Parents and the maid can play as role models for good eating. Let the maid to join the toddler for their next meal so they can both enjoy it. It’s also crucial to let the child to see the maid is eating vegetables too!

Keep on trying

He might not enjoy the carrot today, but he might tomorrow. Do not give up! Try including it on the following recipe by tomorrow to make it appear fresh and new. Some children are unable to distinguish between the two.

Encourage your maid to explore new healthy recipes every day. Children are generalists. They assume everything green is bad, therefore maid must make an effort to provide variety.

Let them help to prepare food

Children are more likely to be interested in tasting the meal which they are involved in its preparation. So when it is time to cook again, the maid can let the child to assist with simple tasks like combining sauces, stirring flours or molding dough into ball shapes.

Patience and supervision are the keys to a good cooking experience with kids. Not to worry! He might develop a love of cooking as well.

Watch what you say

Please don’t mention to kids that some food is good and some food is bad. In the end of the day, we need a little bit of everything to have a balanced diet and stay healthy. Just eating too much of anything is unhealthy.

Youngsters are incredibly sensitive! Maids aren’t allowed to label them as picky or choosy.


The maid might notice that the food on the floor is more than the one in the kids’ mouth. Even though it’s difficult, she must be patient and give the kids some time to get used to healthy diet.

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