How To Introduce Our Child To The New Maid

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February 21, 2023


Maid and kids

The welfare, development and safety of our kids may be the driving forces behind our decision to hire a maid in Singapore. When we are way to work for the family, we want to make sure that our kids are well taken care of. Nonetheless, maids must have a strong attachment and get along well with the kids. When we introduce them to one another, this friendship begins.

But how are we going to introduce our kids to her new maid? How are we going to foster a relationship between them as parents?

Before the meeting

Explain to the kids who the new maid is

Inform your kids regarding what is about to occur. Your children need to know what kind of person will be taking care of them is we have chosen a new stay-in maid to conduct the household tasks and be around our children constantly.

Provide the following background information to our children:

  • Where did the new maid come from? Philippines, Indonesia or Myanmar?
  • How old is the maid?
  • What is her employment history?
  • Does she have a family?

Describe your kids’ personalities to the maid

The maid should know what kind of kids that she is taking care of. Is the kid shy? Is the kid overly attached to her parents? Is the child misbehaving? She will be able to handle the children in this way.

Provide her with the kids’ schedule

We must inform our maid about the child’s timetable in addition to the schedule for household chores. This is to help her to balance between taking care of your kids and other household chores.

We may include these questions:

  • When do our children go to school?
  • When should our children leave the house?
  • Are our children attending any additional class? What day?
  • What time does the kids go to sleep and wake up?
  • Does he need to take any medication? If so, at what hour?

During the employment

Let them to bond together

If we provide them the opportunity to connect with each other, they’ll have a harmonious friendship. Allow the maid to play with the child in his favorite playground.

The maid can sing or read stories to toddlers. The little one can get closer to the new maid while simultaneously improving his speech.

Pay attention to both sides when arguing

Children and maids both experience bad days occasionally. The young child may wail, run to us and complain about the maid. We must, however, hear our maid’s side of the story as well.

Always keep in mind that every dispute can be resolved by listening to both sides. Employers ought to act as a fair mediator.

Let your child to participate

A child who is overly dependent on others will grow up to be irresponsible. According to psychologists, children will develop independence if they are given their own tasks and responsibilities.

Don’t leave everything up to the maid!

Assign him some chores that he can complete independently such as tying his own shoelace or putting the toys back where they belong.


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