The Ultimate Guide To Managing Your Maid

This article will highlight the key points that you should keep in mind when managing your maid to ensure you have the greatest chance at forging a successful long-term relationship with your maid

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February 9, 2022


Handling a maid is one of the most challenging tasks homeowners face. The lack of proper management results in having to change them frequently, and that can be tedious because you have to go through the entire process again with every new one. That being said, it isn’t difficult when you know how! Here’s a guide on how to manage your maid efficiently so let’s get started!

How To Manage A New Maid

Managing a new maid can easily be a challenging experience. Picture how your new maid is feeling about coming to work and stay for a family she has never met. Here are 5 ways to help ease the newest member of your household.

Help her settle in

Familiarize your maid with her new surroundings. Offer an orientation session to introduce her around the house and introduce her to your family members; this includes where the things are placed and exactly how your household electrical home appliances work so she can operate them. Bring her around your neighborhood too– take her to the supermarket or grocery shop and show her where to purchase what you normally would so she can do her job more proficiently. When offering tasks that are connected to the family’s culture or religion allow her some choice but make sure she understands which ones are more important than others as well as why they matter so much within the context of your family life at home-even though it may not be part of her own customs back where she come from.

Set Clear Expectations and Boundaries

It is important for you to establish a timetable from the very beginning. This way, your maid will have a list of the things that need to be done on any given day. Additionally, it’s important to let her know how you would like each task handled – do not hesitate in being frank with her if she does something differently than what you expected or wanted! The good thing about this is that as time goes by and both parties become more comfortable with one another, your maid can use these guidelines as well so there are no surprises down the road anymore either.

Empathize With Her

Be kind and gentle to your maid, as they may be feeling a little confused or scared about their new job! Remember that for some maids, this is also probably the first time they have been away from home too, so try not to take it personally if she takes some extra time getting used with her surroundings. It’s likely that your maid will be homesick for the initial weeks. It might not feel like it at the start, but this feeling will eventually fade in the long-term. If you’re concerned about how to help her adjust, let her call home when possible; try to arrange a weekly video or phone call date with family back home. Establish clear rules around mobile phone usage during work hours so your maid doesn’t get distracted or have feelings of guilt over taking time off to call home.

Be patient, try giving instructions slowly one step at a time – show patience while teaching your maid how tasks should be done properly. She might just need more guidance than usual until she gets accustomed with her duties here.

Create Positive Feedback By Rewarding Her  

If you want your maid to work well for you, give her feedback on how she is doing. For example, tell her if the dishes are clean or not and what changes need to be made next time. You can also compliment them when they do a good job too! If she understands that you’re happy with their work, then it will motivate them more in order to continue working hard for your sake. Rewards could come in various forms such as buying her favourite food, giving her a small amount of cash or an extra day off.

Focus On Communicating Effectively

When you are speaking to someone whose English is not her first language, be prepared for some misunderstandings. In this setting, patience is the key. It’s important not to get frustrated when things don’t go your way or if something was misunderstood from what it seemed like originally. You can help by giving them a English book or dictionary so that they could read during their free time and improve on their understanding of the language while practicing other skills at the same time. Additionally, try saying words slowly and distinctly so that she understands you better too!

How To Build A Positive Relationship With Your Maid

Maids are special people in our house. Therefore, it is good that we build a positive relationship with them. Some people see it as challenging living with their maid because they don’t know ways on how to live harmoniously with them.

Be Clear and Consistent With Your Expectations

To avoid confusion, tell your maid what you expect of them. Even if she’s from an agency, it doesn’t mean that they know exactly what you want. Don’t make things difficult for her by making her second-guessing your requirements; be upfront about what you need and want and how you want it to be done. She’ll work without worries as she knows what she needs to do to meet your expectations.

After monitoring her performance for a period of time, you can sit down with her and do a performance review; tell her if there is any expectations of yours that she may have missed or how she can improve. This will help minimize the rate of misunderstandings between the two parties. In this way, a lot more time will also be saved because there will not need to be daily reminders!

Building Strong Communication with Your Maid

Communication is essential in every environment. Your maid should feel free and comfortable communicating with you. Good communication with your maid will create a positive relationship with her. Don’t make her feel as if talking to you is a crime and that it isn’t her business to talk to you!

Your maid should always be able to communicate freely when around the house or at work, especially because she is working for your family!

To get along with your maid, it is best that you use the language that she feels comfortable with. The simplest way to do this is by speaking in a manner which she understands easily. If you are not able to communicate clearly and efficiently, how will your maid be able to tell you what needs improving?

Don’t behave as if you’re talking to your maid like she’s beneath you. Instead, make sure to treat her like a family member and create some time in order for the two of you can talk. Share ideas with her that will help improve specific aspects of what needs improvement too and this will build a very strong relationship between the both of you!

Celebrating The Special Occasions Together

Birthdays are special occasions to be celebrated. Ask your maid what date her birthday is and make sure you give her a present on that day. Make the occasion an opportunity for bonding with her, together with your family members or friends, by giving them some presents too! You can even have a party if she would like one.

If you have a special event, engage your maid and make her a part of your family. Some employers do not want to be associated with their maids, in such cases, they are really being unfair. Your maid is not half-human because she works for you. Treat her the same as any other member of your household and you will be very comfortable leaving home in her care.

Respect Her Privacy and Give Her Respect

Do not disrespect your maid’s privacy. It is important to give her the same respect you want for yourself, because if she can’t live well with you, then neither will you. She deserves to keep her own personal things and it would be unfair for anyone else to have access to them.

She is your employee but you should also respect her. She’s not a child to be confronted every time, she deserves more than that. Some employers even confront or scold their maids in front of their visitors and friends – this can be very disrespectful and insensitive. Respect isn’t something only the maid should receive from you, it’s for both sides. As long as it motivates her, I’m sure she’ll want to work hard for you accordingly.

Give Salary Increments and Reward Her

In every workplace, employees expect to be promoted and rewarded. You should do the same for your maid. This is one way of making her feel appreciated-giving a token from time to time never hurts anyone!

It’s not always easy when you’re working hard in someone else’s house – this is just like any other job and deserves attention and appreciation. Giving salary increments your maid once in a while (especially when you renew her contract) does not hurt anyone: everyone needs their contributions acknowledged at some point or another!


Your domestic maids can make your life more heavenly by assisting you in all of the possible ways. Strong communication, respect and consideration for them will ensure a strong bond of trust and loyalty towards you.


Every family deserves the best help and we’re here to help find you the perfect maid!

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