How to Communicate Better with Your Maid

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December 22, 2022


There may be times when you require an extra pair of hands to help around the house, whether you have children or an elderly family member. Your best option might be to hire a maid. An employer’s communication skills are important to the development of a positive and healthy relationship because allowing a maid to live in your home is a new relationship.

Importance of Communication

Effective communication essentially helps maids to adapt to the physical and social aspect of their work. They can be motivated, influenced and satisfied by it, which helps to raise their morale and keep them working for you. With their motivation, it will be simpler for you to avoid performance problems and conflicts that could harm your kids or other family members.

Here are some ways you can start developing good and effective communication with your maid to enhance your relationship:

Be in Their Shoes

Empathy begins when you put yourself in another’s shoes. It will serve as a reminder to you that they had to leave their own families in order to assist you to take care of yours, therefore being them is not easy. Imagine sharing a home with their boss and other strange people. It is not that simple. Therefore, do not blame them if they occasionally wish to use their phones to contact their loved ones because they are so homesick.If it interferes with their ability to do their job, talk to them about it and explain how you might come to a compromise that is agreeable to both parties. This will undoubtedly help them to adjust to their new surroundings and it may also strengthen your bond.

Let Your Kids be the Bridge

Your kids definitely have a better relationship with your maid than you and your maid because she may wind up spending quite an amount of time with your kids, especially if they are still schooling. Your kids can be the bridge between you and your maid and help you to connect with them. Ask them about your kids’ behavior that day or tell them fun tales about your kids. You might wind up finding out more about her family and developing a stronger bond with her. These are good methods to start a conversation do they feel at ease speaking to you as a friend! You may also use this chance to inquire about her family back home.

Attend to Them

Your maid might occasionally get in touch with you if they are having issues. Lend them your ear! In order to prevent disputes, as an employer, you need to pay attention to your maid. Some maids, though, might be too shy to disclose anything. In that case, you ought to pay attention to their non-verbal cues. For instance, they behave suspiciously and appear to be waiting for you to relax and become available for a discussion. Ask them directly if there is anything they would like to discuss with you. Starting things off will save you both time and solve any issues right away.

Take Note of What They Said during the Interview

An interview is conducted with each maid by a maid agency in Singapore. She may have disclosed her life during the interview with you that you should be aware of. It speaks a lot about how much value you place on her when you can recollect specifics about her. They will feel valued and heard if they know that you are listening to them. Remember the private information they share with you because knowing each other’s basic details might be the basis of any relationship.

Maintain the Communication Flow

A relationship is like a plant. In order to have a good relationship, we must provide each other with food, water and light (attention, communication and affection). It implies that you should not stop communicating with your maid to maintain the momentum of your relationship. Never let silence comes between you and your maid, even if it means talking about the weather or a television show they have been watching. Doing so will give them impression that getting in touch with you is simple.

Harmony within Your Family

Although maintaining a solid working connection with your maid is difficult, your home will benefit greatly from it. Choosing the proper maid might provide you peace of mind, knowing your home is well taken care of while you are busing developing your future.


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