Transfer A Maid To A New Employer Through An Employment Agency

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March 17, 2023


If you wish to terminate the employment with your maid, you may choose to repatriate her or transfer her to a new employer. Employment agencies (EA) can take over the responsibilities for your maid while finding her a new employer.

Transfer your maid through an EA

You can ask the EA to cancel your maid’s work permit if they agree to transfer her to another employer.

After that, the EA is in charge of the maid until she is transferred to a new employer. The duties of EA shall be as follows:

  • Providing her a suitable place to stay, enough food and medical care.
  • Sending her home if the transfer doesn’t work.

How to transfer your maid through an EA

To transfer your maid through an EA:

  1. Verify her willingness to be transferred to another employer.
  2. Contact an EA which is willing to take over the responsibilities for the maid.

You might take into account the following options if you are unable to find an EA who is willing to take over the responsibilities for your maid:

  • Transfer her to another employer directly.
  • If she doesn’t want to be transferred any longer, cancel her work permit and send her home. Until she departs Singapore, you are still in charge of her upkeep and maintenance, including accommodation, food and medical care.

EA’s responsibilities

If the EA is willing to transfer the maid to a new employer, after canceling the work permit of the maid, they are accountable for the following:

  • Pay for the maid’s maintenance and upkeep, including lodging, adequate food and medical care, until she departs Singapore or is transferred to a new employer.
  • Purchase and maintain the maid’s medical insurance with a coverage of at least $15,000 until she departs Singapore or is transferred to a new employer.
  • The EA is responsible to pay for the maid’s transportation to the international airport or port of entry in her home country or region, closest to her hometown, if she is unable to find a new job before her Special Pass (issued with up to 30 days of validity) expires.

Keep the agreement contract

Employers and EAs should do as the following to protect both parties’ interest in case of disputes:

  1. Document their consent to the transfer of responsibilities (e.g. through email).
  2. Retain a copy of the agreement.
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